06 / Superorganismo

La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Festival “Me gustas Pixelad”

March 2023, Edible landscape

An invitation through a digestible landscape. We created a series of bites that would define the rest of your night. A choose your own adventure kind of experience at Festival “Me Gustas Pixelad”

For the celebration of the 20th anniversary of La Casa Encendida, the sixth edition of the festival invited the La Mancha artist José Velasco. The proposal is based on the book Contra la Libertad, by the Catalan collective Juan de Madre. A dystopian fantasy written sometimes as a script for a film, as a role-playing game or as an autobiographical essay by the collective.

The menu

Four distinctive bites, featuring textures resembling mold, venomous fungi, and human skin.

These four bites presented a unique challenge to the public, instilling doubts regarding their edibility. Accompanied by a booklet, each bite was explained in detail, guiding participants through the process of consumption and digestion of the canapé. Depending on the chosen canapé, attendees would be transported via a bus to various locations in Madrid, where they would be presented with a performance.

Intestinal textures, dangerous for trypophobes. Small sachets reminiscent of a hornet's nest emanating yellowish cream, dense and with a toasted and sweet taste. Between the nooks and crannies of the morels, a bright green powder accumulates, a dry moss with an acid and earthy flavor.

Transparent sheets of kohlrabi reveal its interior like an X-ray. Through the small irregular holes of the turnip oozes the white labneh, crowned by small shimmering oil glowing little herbs.

A sticky organism, confusing to the eyes of the diners. Old-looking skins, wrinkled, tinged with brown colors and saline taste, with textures that remind us of latex gloves. A mouthful in which the teeth do not work. Everything is soft, sticky, rubbery.

A vetri plate topography. A pringy treat created from a living organism that ferments and multiplies. Covered with viscous charcoal-dyed veils reminiscent of amphibian skins.


Morels stuffed with chestnut cream with kale powder and lemon. Kohlrabi cone filled with labneh and herb salad.Sticky rice wrapped in dyed tofu skin. Scoby candy with tapioca veil.

Set design: 240 x 120 
Photography: Tamara de la Fuente

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