FONDO is a female driven team. We encourage woman craftmanship in gastronomy and work with external women in the field, creating a safe comunity.

A project in which we transmit and share information through food. Working with artists, institutions, initiatives, and brands in the development of experiences that combine their concepts with our methodology. We create edible situations as a format for conveying information. All of our menus are climate and socially conscious

Some of the brands and institutions we have worked with include Levis, Carolina Herrera, Bimba y Lola, wow concept, Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, and Mayrit design biennale

Our main team is comformed by

Nora Silva 

Nora Silva is a Spanish-Chilean artist based in Madrid and London. Nora fabricates contexts and builds installations and sculptures as a fiction from which to address political themes. She uses aesthetics as a prop for the performance,  often using gestures of irony, contradiction or frustration. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2017, she has exhibited in institutions such as Camden Arts Center, Institute of Contemporary  Arts and performing at the Tate Exchange and the Design Museum in

Belén Cabello

Multidisciplinary designer and trend researcher. Her practice unites both disciplines in curated projects,
product design, graphics and research texts. Makes “Maridaje”, a cooking and music radio show at La Casa encendida.

Marta Moya

Cook and food designer based in Madrid. For the past few years, her focus area has been developing a career as a chef in several restaurants and food design projects. Having a design background, Marta has come to implement the aspects of a design workflow into hospitality, from research and conceptual menu design to team building and constructing kitchens in unusual spaces.

Sara Oldenburg

Wine sommelier. It works with natural wine cellars, with clients in Madrid such as Fayer, Tatema, La Caníbal, Gota Wine.  Creator of Hip Bistrot, a recurring event in transitory spaces  with wine tasting + electronic music.